Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool 420HC Stainless Steel Handle


    Real professionals, real tools, real jobs. Gerber’s Center-Drive Multi-Tool is a game-changing addition designed for real life, heavy-duty work. The thoughtful one-thumb opening design allows for quick deployment of the three full size tools you depend on most: the pliers, the blades, and the screwdriver. The Center-Drive is revolutionary, introducing an extra-long 3.2 inch magnetic bit driver that opens to align with the center axis of the tool – giving you all the torque and rotation of a traditional screwdriver. The full size blades conveniently replace your everyday pocket knife, and the full size spring-loaded pliers feature an X-Channel Rail System to eliminate rattle and open smoothly. Streamlined to offer the right tools for optimal functionality, the Center-Drive will replace your tool belt in no time.


    Optional Bit Set includes:

    • #15 Torx
    • #10 Torx
    • #1 Square
    • #2 Square
    • #1 Cross
    • #3 Cross
    • 5/32” Flat
    • 7/32” Flat
    • ¼” Flat
    • 9/64” Hex
    • 5/32” Hex
    • 3/16” Hex



    • One-Thumb Opening System
    • Spring-Loaded Needlenose Pliers with X-Channel Rail System
    • Rotatable Carbide Wire Cutters & Strippers
    • Full-Size 3.25” Fine Edge Blade
    • Magnetic 3.2” Center-Axis Bit Driver
    • Pry Bar w/ Nail Puller & Bottle Opener
    • Serrated Blade
    • Awl, File
    • Magnetic Flathead and Phillips Bits
    • Lanyard Hole
    • Fabric Sheath Included
    Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool 420HC Stainless Steel Handle